What DIRECTV Means for Consumers


Television entertainment is slowly becoming a misnomer today. A television set in the living room that used to be an entertainment central no longer enjoys that position. Entertainment has now become decentralized with a variety of services offering consumers the convenience of consuming their entertainment across a variety of screens.

The advent of digital platforms, and with them the digital entertainment services, is what is fueling this paradigm shift. This has also increased the pressure on Pay TV service providers to come out with their A-game.

They have to constantly innovate in order to satisfy today’s TV viewers. They have had to completely transform their packages and even their content delivery model in order to keep their consumers interested in their services and pay for them. Why? Because customers are jumping ship!

They are choosing to pay the streaming services a small subscription fee instead of going for the expensive pay TV services. It is getting more difficult for these pay TV services to grow organically at a steady pace.

The $49 billion acquisition of DIRECTV by AT&T is very much a part of this ongoing quest to gain more customers. For the end consumers, this means that they will have access to all of the entertainment DIRECTV has to offer. There a lot of plans to choose from. Some even include a home internet connection, and phone connection.

The idea is to give the users highly customized entertainment and communication services that are perfectly suited for their unique needs. DIRECTV has always been ranked high on customer satisfaction among the TV service providers. Across the surveys, DIRECTV tops when it comes to the service offerings and the incredible customer support it is able to offer its clients.

Add to it the technical prowess of AT&T, and you get a formidable combination. In fact, after the acquisition, AT&T has revived its unlimited data plan that can be enjoyed by both the U-verse subscribers, as well as the DIRECTV customers.

The multi-billion dollar deal between AT&T and DIRECTV not only promises AT&T the huge customer base of DIRECTV, but also a lot of money savings too. How? Well, the company no longer has to send their employees physically to a customer’s residence for any kind of cable installation or equipment set up.


Once an individual has subscribed to DIRECTV, all they have to do is download the DIRECTV Now app and start enjoying their favorite shows. With this reduced cost, DIRECTV is also placed in a better position to offer more entertainment options to its consumers for a lower price. It is a win-win for both customers and service providers.

When you subscribe to a DIRECTV connection, it is not just your entertainment needs that are fulfilled. You can also get phone services and an internet connection in one big subsidized plan. With such a plan, consumers only have to take care of a single bill to pay for all of their entertainment and communication needs.

The phone connection offers free calls across the country and a lot of add-on features. AT&T is already a top internet service provider and offers high speed internet services. Together, in a bundle, all the three services form an unbeatable combination. A typical problem with bundled services is that customers do not get to customize the individual services. But, AT&T has taken care of that. If you want better internet speeds than what you are offered in the bundle, then you can get higher speeds with an extra top up.

The top ups mean that you do not have to browse through hundreds of plans to find the one that you want. You can just pick a pack that offers the services that you need and then customize it with top ups. This is a super-convenient way to pick a plan.

In fact, AT&T has also confirmed that they are working towards making their pricing structure simple to understand. Why? Because customers want that. And that pretty much sums up where the whole TV service provider industry is going right now.

The TV entertainment industry has become highly competitive over the past decade. With so many choices in front of them, consumers wield the power in this industry. Responding to the consumer demand is not a matter of choice anymore. AT&T is doing the same via DIRECTV.

It is offering them the convenience of watching their favorite programming anywhere, and with the flexibility of watching it anytime. The design of their plans and the pricing structure screams the same. Providing good Customer support has never been a problem with DIRECTV, and AT&T is keeping the good habit alive.


How Small Budget Film Producers Can Use the DJI Phantom 4 For Production

There have already been a number of blockbuster Hollywood films – including “Skyfall,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and “Spectre” – that have used drone cinematography for spectacular effects, and that’s opened up the opportunity for small budget film producers also to use drones. In their search for the drones with the best image stabilization, longest flight time and ultra smooth image capabilities, they are embracing drones such as the DJI Phantom 4 for production.

DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4, which launched in March 2016, has already become a favorite of amateur drone filmmakers, who laud the drone for its ease of operation and its fantastic image capabilities. Flying the drone is so easy that even a child can do it, thanks largely to the drone’s obstacle avoidance technology, which literally brings the drone to a halt before it crashes into a fence, wall or other obstacle. That’s crucial, because it enables film producers to capture exactly the shot they want without worrying about crashing their drone.

Drone movies are “in”

One of the best-known drone movies – the three-minute short “Superman With A GoPro” from Corridor Digital – highlights what can be done with a DJI Phantom 4. The film includes plenty of aerial shots, capturing what Superman sees as he is soaring above the city, as well as some tight action sequences, like when Superman flies through a very narrow alleyway. On YouTube, “Superman with a GoPro” has already picked up 20 million views.

If we take a closer look at how drones have already been used in Hollywood films, it’s possible to get a better idea of how small budget film producers can use the DJI Phantom 4 for future movies:

  • Chase scenes – These scenes are where drones excel, because they can follow the action where helicopters cannot. One of the most famous action scenes ever captured by a drone was a motorbike chase scene in “Skyfall” featuring James Bond riding a motorbike on the rooftop of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
  • Action sequences – “The Expendables 3” featured a high-energy action scene involving a train and helicopter, bullets, explosions and a daring rescue. A drone was able to get close enough to film the action, whereas another helicopter following the first helicopter would not have been able to capture the scene.
  • Escape scenes – Another James Bond movie – “Spectre” – also used drones, this time to capture James Bond’s escape from a fire on a rooftop in London from a unique aerial vantage point.
  • Party scenes – “The Wolf of Wall Street,” a 2013 film that depicted the excesses of Wall Street, has one famous pool party scene that was captured via drone. This shot would not have been possible with a conventional camera.

Phantom 4 Specifications

The DJI Phantom 4, though, could raise the stakes even higher for drone cinematography. That’s because the camera on the drone is capable of shooting 4K at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 120 frames per second. The high fps rate for 1080p means that film producers can capture incredibly fast movements – think skiers headed down a mountain or sprinters competing at the Olympics – in slow motion. Some drone filmmakers, in fact, love to include a slow motion shot that perfectly encapsulates fast action sequences.


And the DJI Phantom 4 is also helping to popularize the “drone selfie” (aka “dronie”) which is basically a selfie taken with a drone. Instead of a huge selfie stick to capture a wider angle, you can just use a drone. This might become a tool for indie filmmakers to capture the types of scenes where a character explains what they’re really thinking at a certain point of the movie.

And, of course, the type of drone shot that is classic by now is the long, extended tracking shot over beautiful natural terrain. You can imagine drones using sweeping cinematography to capture shots of mountains, oceans, or a giant prairie. DJI, for example, has promoted some amazing aerial shots of an erupting volcano in Iceland as an example of how drones like the Phantom 4 can capture some amazing nature shots in places that humans simply can’t go.

Phantom 4 Overview of Volcano in Poland

For more examples of how budget film producers might use the DJI Phantom 4 for upcoming film projects, it’s worth checking out the results of the annual NYC Drone Film Festival, which featured 35 different films from 152 submissions in its first year. You can also check out some of the highlighted films on the DJI Showcase website. Current drone films shot with the Phantom 4 include a scene of horses in nature (“Brazilian Criollo”), a sailboat race and an epic landscape scene in Norway (“Lofoten Landscapes”).

There are, of course, certain things to keep in mind before you go out and starting filming the next great drone movie. One is that you have to simultaneously fly the drone and capture the image you want. The solution until recently had been to have a two-man crew, one in charge of flying and one in charge of getting the camera angle and shot.

In many ways, the DJI Phantom 4 makes that job easier by removing the need for a drone pilot. As noted above, the drone comes with obstacle avoidance, so you don’t have to worry about crashing. And it also includes tools like “Tap Fly” and “Active Track” to make it possible to fly to where the action is. And with all the enhanced image stabilization feature of the Phantom 4, you don’t have to worry about shaky or blurry imagery.

Another point to keep in mind is the average flight time of the drone. The DJI Phantom 4 comes with a 25-30 minute flight time. It’s also capable of flying at 45 mph. So you can think of this as flying 10-15 minutes in one direction, and then 10-15 minutes back home. Even if you managed to secure clearance to fly the Phantom 4 over the buildings of New York, you might not be able to get around all of Manhattan with that limited flight time – although some have tried. On YouTube, there are plenty of “Aerial NYC” drone movies.

At one time, using drones for filmmaking was a novelty. But now it’s becoming increasingly mainstream, much like tracking shots or Steadicam shots. It’s just one more tool in the toolbox of the modern filmmaker. Going forward, expect to see new creativity and innovation as drones become lighter, faster and even better at capturing just about any shot.

Streaming services top 2016

Compare the Top TV Streaming Services 2016

A number of TV and video streaming services have already made their mark in the market. As a consumer, you are spoiled for choice and 2016 is only going to be a better year. The streaming services will come up with more features and benefits to woo you. Your choice of streaming service should depend on your specific entertainment needs. Here is everything that you need to know about the major streaming services.



netflix streaming preview

This is one of the most popular streaming services that also happens to be one of the pioneers in the streaming industry. At a subscription fee of just $9 per month, you can have access to a huge library of movies and television shows. This is a great place to search for everything from the latest shows to old movie titles. So, if you are a movie buff, this is the service for you. With Netflix, you will never be disappointed. Moreover, based on your choice, the sophisticated recommendation system of Netflix will suggest more titles for you.

Apart from the sourced content, Netflix has produced some original shows as well. These include the likes of House of Cards, Bloodline, Orange is the New Black, and so on. These shows are exclusively available on Netflix.


Hulu Plus

Triumph Election Special 2016 only on hulu

This service is designed for those who love to be abreast with the TV shows as they come. Hulu Plus is a premium version of the free streaming service, Hulu. At a subscription fee of only $7.99, this is definitely the cheapest of all the premium streaming services in the market. Hulu Plus is a great place for keeping track of all your favorite shows that are being aired on the cable. Though the TV show lineup at Hulu Plus is pretty impressive, the same is not true for the selection of movies in its library.

One more important factor to consider before subscribing to Hulu Plus is that there are a lot of intermittent ads and they are quite frequent. You cannot escape them even in the premium version.


Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon prime instant video

This one is from the house of Amazon. Only within a few years of its inception, Amazon Prime Instant Video has expanded its library manifold. When Amazon Prime Instant Video was introduced, it came with only an annual subscription. This option is still there and costs $99 a year. There were a lot of benefits offered with it for subscribers like free Kindle books, free 2-day shipping, and access to Amazon Music, and Amazon Prime Video. Only recently, Amazon has also added a monthly package of $10.99.

Amazon Prime Instant Video offers a lot of content thanks to its deals with Viacom, Warner Bros., and so on. There is a lot of original programming to tap into as well. The shows released on Amazon Prime include Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent, and so on. The latest movie library can be accessed by subscribing to Amazon Instant Video separately. Though Amazon Prime Instant Video may be a little pricier, but with an Amazon service promise and so many benefits, it is quite a good deal.


Sling TV

Sling TV 2016

Sling TV can be viewed as a complete alternative to cable television. For long, the Achilles Heel of streaming services has been the fact that the content on them is never made available at the same time as it is on cable. Enter Sling TV. Sling TV can be viewed as a full feature streaming service with the perks of a cable connection. With a subscription fee of $20 a month, you get access to more than 23 live channels, and you can access even more by buying separate packages.

The one important factor that differentiates Sling TV from other streaming services is that it offers its users access to sports channels, ESPN and ESPN 2, along with other local sports channels. This is a first for any streaming service. Now, sports fans can also think of cutting the cord.


PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue High Quality streaming

If you are still looking for a streaming service that offers services even more similar to a cable service, then Sony’s PlayStation Vue is the answer.

Before you tread any further, be informed that PlayStation Vue offers its services bundled as three packages – Access, Core and Elite. The most basic package (Access) will cost you a hefty $50 per month. Yes, you heard it right. This is the most expensive streaming service yet and the prices are almost similar to cable TV. The three packages cover a lot of content, including movies, music, news, weather, and most importantly, sports. The basic package itself offers more than 50 channels to its users.

Also, this service is not available across all devices. Vue can only be accessed through Sony smart TVs, PlayStation, and iPads.



Crackle streaming

This platform was acquired by Sony in the late 2000s. The platform updates movies and TV shows on a fairly regular basis. There is a bunch of original programming as well, but nothing noteworthy. In fact, none of the content is exceptional, but you can find enough content to keep you entertained. You may find some of the shows really amusing and there is a wide variety of videos to choose from. This online streaming service is free to all, but you will have to sit through a lot of commercials. But, that is something expected of free programming. It can be accessed across devices.



youtube streaming channel

This is another free video streaming service, but with much better content quality and variety. The content here is divided among channels that are run by content creators. There are videos about everything you can imagine, from tutorials to standup comedy shows. Owned by Google, YouTube is a huge name in online streaming.

YouTube will run on most of the devices and it is super easy to navigate. You should bear in mind that this is not necessarily the best place to find a television show or a movie, but a great one for watching videos, in general. A premium version of YouTube is also available, where you can buy and rent movies. The charges vary, but the upper limit is $19.99. 


Just click here for more information about the Best Online TV Streaming sites.

AT&T Uverse Logo

Current AT&T U-verse Package Deals

If you want to take your home services to the next level then consider AT&T U-verse. You can receive digital TV, digital home phone, and high speed Internet services when you choose to go to AT&T U- verse. All three of these categories provide a better media experience thanks to more features. Through the Residential Gateway TV and Internet services can work together in the best way. If you get AT&T bundle deals online you could save a ton of money.

AT&T U-verse is one of the most dynamic and valuable services that you can get, as you will come to see. It connects to up to four TVs in different rooms of the house as well as computers for high speed Internet. Aside from that, it can connect to storage devices, WiFi cameras, network printers, and more. This is only the most elementary U-verse deal, the more advanced levels can do even more.

AT&T Uverse Entertainment without boundaries

There are a lot of different components that make digital TV a great pick from AT&T U-verse, including computer networking and fiber optic technology. This allows you to have a crystal-clear picture. Digital TV service from AT&T U-verse brings you a total home Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with interactive features and video on demand. With the Multiview channel browser you will be able to record as many as four different shows simultaneously. As long as the TV has a U-verse receiver it will work—meaning that you can record on virtually every television in your home.

U-verse also allows you to play different shows on different television sets all at the same time, so you could play cartoons, stocks, sports, and weather all simultaneously within your home. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This service from AT&T U-verse also includes video on demand. If you aren’t able to make it home in time to record a specific show or game, or perhaps you forget, then there is a solution with U-verse. The DVR can be programmed remotely no matter where you are, from any wireless phone or computer.

The U-verse High Speed Internet is based on advanced digital network brought to you by AT&T. There are many different download speeds to choose from, the fastest is up to 24 mbps. There are also powerful security tools included in the service. High Speed Internet by AT&T U-verse includes unlimited email storage, a wireless router and wireless home networking, and even unlimited access to the nation’s biggest WiFi network. You won’t have to worry about the security of your computer and identity because online protection features will block junk mail, pop up ads, spyware, adware, and viruses. If you have children then you can utilize smart parental controls to keep your whole family protected. Wireless home networking is built in, and there are a variety of different plans in order to suit budget and Internet needs according to the family or individual.

AT&T Uverse Interactive Apps

Like all of the other services, the phone service is fantastic and offers plenty of perks and features to give it a great value. You will get more options and features than you would with an ordinary phone company, but for less money. Call screening allows you to choose which calls you want to take and no answer call forwarding helps you to never miss a call. Another feature is click to call. Where available, U-verse customers’ phone numbers and addresses are given to 911 if there is ever an emergency call. This is for added security.

Caller ID, answered calls, and missed calls are all displayed on the TV screen. You can even use the remote control in order to return a phone call. This integration of television and phone makes these services seamless and easier to utilize. All of this can also be controlled online; this is because it is web-based through your U-verse service. The U-verse Voice services can also be connected to a home alarm system for better home security.

AT&T Uverse mobile app

Not all areas of the United States have access to AT&T U-verse at this present time. Just click here  to find out if AT&T U-verse Packages are available in your area.  AT&T gives you a life free of hassles. You won’t have to fuss with cable companies and their overpriced services or separate phone and DSL bills, because everything will be under one provider. You will get one bill and many more features for less money than you are spending on your other providers combined. If you have any questions please call or use the online forum. Check and see if AT&T U-verse bundles are available where you live. 

american-pickers display their earnings are they true

Is American Pickers TV Series Fake?

As you may already know, American Pickers is a reality television series which follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, long-time buddies who travel the country in search of hidden gems that have been buried away in rubble and junk heaps. Their associate Danielle waits at their home base Antique Archaeology and operates as the office manager. The series is in some ways similar to other popular programs like Storage Wars and Pawn Stars.

american-pickers- completist

American Pickers appears, like many other reality TV shows, to be unscripted, impromptu, and essentially what you see is what you get. This isn’t, however, the full story. In fact, a lot of the details involved in this TV show are planned out ahead of time and don’t take place the way they appear on television.

For one thing it has been stated that Mike and Frank don’t even drive together in the same vehicle while they are out traveling and hunting for antiques. They take their own cars and travel alongside trucks which haul cameras, clothes, makeup, and other equipment. Many conversations (especially those within their car) are filmed beforehand.

According to some the actual leg work is performed by those who work for the production company, not by Frank and Mike. Those working for the company are the ones who do the research and find potential sellers. After this is done the production company auditions potential sellers and chooses different items. Those who appear on the show are given a check for their appearance as well as whatever items were bought. Once all of this is taken care of and a price is agreed upon Frank and Mike travel to the location to film. At this point everything has already been arranged, so there is no haggling or discovering antiques, as some sources state. Other fans of the show dispute this, however, claiming that the things Frank and Mike find appear to be covered in cobwebs and dust.

american-pickers danielle colby cushman

As you can see the series isn’t entirely genuine or straightforward. Most people would consider the series to be primarily based on scripted information and experiences. Certain elements of American Pickers are legitimate. Mike and Frank are longtime friends and Antique Archaeology is a real store where the two sell their antiques. The story of American Pickers makes for good marketing in order to make more money on the items sold at Antique Archaeology.

Some might consider this greedy but it is indeed how the television industry tends to work. The job that Mike and Frank do certainly isn’t a very feasible or realistic endeavor for others, as it is entirely backed by the production company. You may find this a deal breaker for the series, considering its deception level—like many other reality television shows currently on air. The company behind American Pickers has not made any counterclaims to argue these facts. America still seems to love the show and most people aren’t too concerned over this issue, however.

American Pickers is one of the most popular TV shows on the History Channel. Over the many years it has been on air it has become a well-loved pastime and even gained a fan following. Some people fight to believe that the series is, indeed, a legitimate reality television series, while others simply enjoy it for its entertainment value.

fargo fx logo

Are you as morbid as Fargo?

Created and written by Noah Hawley, Fargo is an American crime drama series that premiered on FX on April 15, 2014. The series is currently in its second season, which premiered on October 12, 2015. Both the seasons followed different storylines, had new characters, and a fresh star cast. After every season, the show is rebooted, with no connection to the previous season. The show is inspired by the 1996 movie of the same name, which was directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. The Coen Brothers are also very much a part of the TV series in the capacity of executive producers.

fargo police

The first season of the show is set in Bemidji, Minnesota in the year 2006. The story revolves around Lester Nygaard (played by Martin Freeman), who is an insurance salesman and is not particularly excited by how his life has turned out. He feels stuck between his boring job, an annoying wife, a successful brother (which again is a reminder of his failed life), who he does not have the best relationship with, and with no friends to make his life any better. Amidst the already frustrating daily routine that his life has turned out to be, he bumps into his high school bully, who again assaults him. This incident sends him to the emergency ward, where Lester meets Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton). Malvo is undoubtedly a strange guy, who “implies” that Lester should just eliminate all the problems in his life. This sets Lester on a violent and dark road that would bring out a completely different personality. At the same time, Deputy Molly Solverson (Allison Tolman) and another police officer, Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks) come together to solve the murders that have been taking place in their jurisdiction. This is the plot of the first season.

The second season of the show, however, is set in 1979. It follows the beautician and butcher couple of Peggy (Kirsten Dunst) and Ed Blumquist (played by Jesse Plemons), and how they cover a hit and run case of Rye Gerhardt in Minnesota. Now, what is interesting is that the victim is the son of Floyd Gerhardt (Jean Smart), who belongs to an influential crime family in Fargo in North Dakota. Meanwhile, officers on the case, state trooper Solverson (Patrick Wilson) and Sheriff Larsson (Ted Danson) investigate a triple murder case in the area that may be connected to the hit and run. This season also features the campaign of the Ronald Reagan, who was running for the President at the time. The two officers are also on Reagan’s security detail, while he is on the Fargo leg of the campaign.

fargo fx

The first season of the show saw stunning performances by all actors including Billy Bob Thornton, Allison Tolman, Colin Hanks, and Martin Freeman. They really made the characters stand out and tell their story. The characters also evolve as the story grows, which is really interesting to watch. The second season of the show received an overwhelming response and has so far picked up compliments for the performance of its cast. However, the final verdict is yet to come out.

The TV series has been praised for its direction and acting. The first season of the series was a huge hit and won both Emmy and the Golden Globe Awards. It is an enticing and exciting story of murder, deceit, fear, duty and everything in between. The story is twisted and the accompanying dark humor gives it another interesting dimension. The pace of the story might be slow for some, but there are so many highs to the show that the wait is worth it.  Sign up for one of these Charter Cable Package Deals so you dont miss any episodes.

lorne Malvo

Bones Goofs & Trivia



Bones has proven itself to be a successful crime comedy drama series since its start in 2005, but even if you’ve re-watched the episodes more than once, there’s a good chance you didn’t catch any of these goofs or facts:

  1. Early on during the first season, Brennan said that she was part of the foster care system until her grandfather claimed her. Later on in the series, Brennan says more than once that she never knew her grandparents.
  2. For at least two seasons of the show, the same footage is used in multiple episodes. When driving in the dark SUV, if Booth and Bones have to turn around or change course, the same clip of the car making a U-Turn is used.
  3. In one episode of the series, a 3D printer is used in the lab to recreate a set of bones. In the show, it appears to have printed within minutes, but in real life such a thing would take hours to make.
  4. On the show, the character Temperance Brennan is an anthropologist who writes about character Kathy Reichs. In real life, Kathy Reichs is an anthropologist who writes about Temperance Brennan.
  5. In the pilot episode, the character Temperance Brennan says that the closest anthropologist (besides her) is located in Montreal. Montreal is where the novels that the show is based on are set.
  6. On the show, Angela’s father is played by Billy Gibbons (a member of ZZ Top). Throughout the series, it has been implied that her father is actually supposed to be perceived as famous Billy Gibbons, and many references to ZZ Top’s music have been made in episodes featuring him.
  7. In one episode, Angela uses the wrong term and refers to a python as being an “Articulated Python” when she should have known to say “Reticulated Python.”bones-image
  8. Patricia Belcher, who plays Caroline Julian on the show, is the only guest star to appear once in every season.
  9. Throughout the series, the character of Agent Booth is said to be a direct decedent of John Wilkes Booth. In reality, this would be impossible considering John never had any children. While he had some sisters with sons, they all had different surnames. Also, “direct decedent” would imply he was directly related to a son or daughter of John as opposed to a niece or nephew.
  10. In one episode where the lab was dealing with a victim exactly like Brennan would have been said to weight twenty pounds less. When Emily Deschanel (who plays Brennan) read the script, she called the producers and told them to raise the weight to a more realistic number.
  11. Emily’s real-life sister appeared on one episode of Bones as her character’s second cousin, Margaret from Wisconsin.
  12. To film National Lampoons Vacation, John Francis Daily needed to take some time off from the show. At the beginning of season ten, since there was no rational way to explain his time away from the show, the producers decided to kill him off.
  13. Throughout the first season, the lights on Booth’s FBI Tahoe are facing the inside of the vehicle. Not only would this prevent them from flashing correctly, it would likely blind the occupants of the car.

Bones is still going strong after seven years on air, and even with some goofs along the way, the comedy crime drama has become a staple for many people’s television routines. While the seventh season is still going, fans are already hoping for another, and it looks like they might get their wish.


Bones has held its ratings high since the beginning, and with a strong cast of regular, recurring, and guest stars on board for every season, there’s little doubt that the show will be going anywhere anytime soon. Bones is perhaps one of the most interesting and intriguing shows on air, and it’s clear that both fans and critics agree: Bones is a show worth watching.bones-image2

The series has repeatedly earned new viewers of all ages from across the country, and with ratings high and the actors still going strong, there’s a good chance Bones will be making yet another come back. With 7 wins and nearly 30 nominations over the years, fans have no hesitations when it comes to their enjoyment of the series. And, even critics agree, the show is worth watching! The writers still seem to have a lot of stories to tell, and it looks like the characters are staying on board for a bit longer, too.  Click new high tech TV system to find out about an exciting way to watch this and other interesting television programs.

Quantum Dot Technology for TV’s


Quantum dots or “nanocrystals” are the new talk of the TV tech nation and many say they will soon be making their way into our homes.  Last year, OLEDs were the talk of television technology and it was said they were the newest innovation in picture quality. OLEDs should have been taking the world by storm had last year’s tech gurus been correct. But, QDs are now the ones taking over.

OLEDs were played with behind the doors of many manufacturers companies. It’s true that they offer a picture quality that is truly dynamic and incredibly life-like, but after some research, TV manufactures announced that they were simply too expensive to work with and very unreliable. After this news, it became clear that OLEDs weren’t going to be making their way into everyday homes anytime soon. Quantum dots have since gained stardom and offer a more promising future.


What Is It?

A quantum dot absorbs one wavelength of color and uses it to produce another. In an LED TV that utilizes QDs, there would be a blue backlight and a layer of QDs in front. The different sizes of QDs would each produce a different color wavelength. The blue light would act as an energizer, making the tubes filled with quantum dots light up to produce a color spectrum that is rich and vibrant.

A TV that utilizes quantum dot technology would actually be rather comparable to a plasma or OLED TV in picture quality.


Who Can Use It?

Unlike OLEDs, QDs are actually rather inexpensive to work with and experts say they actually offer higher energy efficiency and greater durability than other technologies on the market today. This is a great incentive for manufactures to begin their research, and it’s expected that we will soon see full QD displays for sale.

How’s It Better?

Quantum dots were invented by Bell Labs in 1982, but they’ve just recently made their way into the television market. Since there has always been a gap between plasma screens and LED TVs, manufacturers have been looking for a better way to increase picture quality for many years. After it became apparent that OLEDs were too expensive and not durable enough to use just yet (if ever), companies shifted their focus to QDs, which may very well become the standard in the coming years. Plasma screens are slowly being phased out, and so are 1080p displays. While neither of these is going to disappear overnight, the majority of technology buffs and companies are predicting that QDs will soon be taking over the market.

QD screens provide whiter whites, more vibrant colors, and darker blacks. This produces a more life-like quality on screen.

quantum-dot-technology-imageWhy QDs Over Plasma & OLEDs?

Plasma screens offered great picture quality, but manufactures quit making them because they were large, heavy, and consumed a lot of energy. OLEDs didn’t get much of a chance in the consumer marketplace because manufacturers already spotted similar problems with the technology of an OLED TV. In search of a cost-effective and quality way to manufacture a television that provides better quality picture than most LED screens, and in hopes of making one that would compare to plasma screens without the expense and hassle, companies found quantum dot technology.

When Will It Happen?

There’s no real deadline of when the switch will happen, but it’s nearly a guarantee that in the coming years everyone will begin upgrading their sets to QD technology. The rich, vibrant picture quality will be more dynamic and extremely life-like, and it will become the standard in home entertainment technology.

In fact, LG has already announced their up-coming line of QD televisions and some models were unveiled at CES 2015 (consumer electronics show). In 2016, CES attendees can expect to see some high-quality quantum dot screens on display and it’s likely that some models will be up for sale by the end of this year.

quantum-dot-technology-image2A Change in Television?

While manufactures are still in the early stages of experimentation, there’s a very good chance that quantum dots are the answer to affordable, light weight, and energy-efficient televisions that offer picture quality comparable to plasma screens. Of course, many had made the same predictions with OLEDs last year, but so far, research regarding QD sets is looking far more promising.

With any luck, the end of the decade will see a shift in home entertainment sets, and quantum dots may very well be taking over the marketplace as early as this year.

Things You Didn’t Know About Rizzoli & Isles



Rizzoli & Isles is a TNT police procedural crime drama television series starring Angie Harmon as police detective Jane Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander as medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles. The television series is based on a novel series by the same name written by Tess Gerritsen. The series currently consists of five seasons, with a sixth season having been ordered in December of last year, scheduled to premiere in June 2015.

The majority of the series’ back story comes from the original novel series, serving to introduce characters and themes central to the overall telling of the story. Instead of slowly building up the relationship between Rizzoli and Isles, or waiting to slowly introduce Rizzoli’s arch nemesis, the series jumps straight into the heat of battle, with Rizzoli immediately confronting serial killer Charles Hoyt.

Afterwards, The Show continues to focus on the terrifying relationship between Rizzoli and Hoyt, specifically how he taunts her continuously throughout the series, in or out of jail. Teamed up with Dr. Maura Isles, Rizzoli is able to track down Hoyt, though he always seems one step ahead of her, constantly toying with her. Their constant back and forth struggling is akin to Red John and Patrick Jane of the Mentalist. These striking parallels have been praised and complimented by critics, saying that the love-hate relationship between cop and serial killer is often an added bonus when dealing with procedural police dramas.

The beginning of the series had particularly strong ratings. Over 7.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the premiere episode, making Rizzoli and Isles the second most-watched evening cable show in 2010, runner up to The Closer. The show finished the week in third behind The Closer and the final episode of Deadliest Catch. Rizzoli and Isles wasn’t done impressing audiences, however. The premiere episode set a record as the highest-rated debut for a commercial-supported cable series, and it was the second-highest debut ever for a basic cable TV series.


The show has received additional praise for focusing the story on two female leads and how they interact and support one another in their stressful work environment, as opposed to what’s typically displayed on television. Instead of two women who can’t stand one another and aren’t able to do their jobs because of their disdain towards one another, Rizzoli and Isles demonstrates that two women can be in the same room as one another without wanting to rip one another’s eyes out. More to the point, Rizzoli and Isles are friends, and their friendship is especially highlighted when either of them suffers a traumatic or emotional experience, such as Rizzoli being attacked by Hoyt and his apprentices, or Isles dealing with an upsetting breakup. The female camaraderie present within the show goes beyond two women merely putting up with one another. The show demonstrates a positive female relationship and the struggles it must endure.

The sixth season of Rizzoli and Isles is scheduled to premiere in June of this year. Go over here and find more TV & Internet entertainment choices.


Scenes From the Comics Too Graphic For AMC’S The Walking Dead


AMC’s The Walking Dead has definitely pushed the boundaries when it comes to acceptable levels of violence on television; it seems that every week the show pushes the envelope by showing more graphic and disturbing violence than ever before. And while many TV viewers are often surprised by what The Walking Dead is allowed to show on TV, there are some limits. The original comic book series is even more violent than the TV show, likely because the comic book industry is not subject to the same regulations as television shows; consequently there are many violent scenes from the comics that are so graphic that they most definitely won’t be included in the AMC TV series.daryl-dixon-image

The failed suicide pact
In the original comic series, Tyreese was traveling with his daughter Julie and her boyfriend, Chris, when he joined up with Rick’s group. Julie and Chris decided to pledge themselves to a suicide pact in order to escape the horror of the world, but their suicide pact went wrong–very wrong–and Tyreese and Rick were forced to deal with the unpleasant aftermath. The teenagers were supposed to kill each other with a gunshot at the same time, but Chris accidentally shot too soon, killing Julie before she could kill him. Not only did Tyreese rush to the scene to find his daughter dead and bleeding, he decided to turn the tables on Chris; Tyreese strangled Chris with his bare hands, killing him brutally in front of Rick.

Carol’s suicide
This scene will never happen not just because of the intense violent content, but because of the radical difference between comic book Carol and the TV show version of Carol. In the comic book, Carol never developed the physical abilities or practical personality of the Carol we have come to love in the TV show—instead, comic Carol was obsessed with relationships, terrified of being alone, and so desperate to ‘belong’ in a relationship that she even once proposed the idea of entering into a polyamorous relationship with Rick and Lori. The couple rejected and Carol, who had grown tired of constantly being rejected and ignored, made her way to a chained up zombie in the prison courtyard. Ignoring the calls of the group behind her, Carol stepped within the zombie’s range and let herself be bitten to death.



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