Bones has proven itself to be a successful crime comedy drama series since its start in 2005, but even if you’ve re-watched the episodes more than once, there’s a good chance you didn’t catch any of these goofs or facts:

  1. Early on during the first season, Brennan said that she was part of the foster care system until her grandfather claimed her. Later on in the series, Brennan says more than once that she never knew her grandparents.
  2. For at least two seasons of the show, the same footage is used in multiple episodes. When driving in the dark SUV, if Booth and Bones have to turn around or change course, the same clip of the car making a U-Turn is used.
  3. In one episode of the series, a 3D printer is used in the lab to recreate a set of bones. In the show, it appears to have printed within minutes, but in real life such a thing would take hours to make.
  4. On the show, the character Temperance Brennan is an anthropologist who writes about character Kathy Reichs. In real life, Kathy Reichs is an anthropologist who writes about Temperance Brennan.
  5. In the pilot episode, the character Temperance Brennan says that the closest anthropologist (besides her) is located in Montreal. Montreal is where the novels that the show is based on are set.
  6. On the show, Angela’s father is played by Billy Gibbons (a member of ZZ Top). Throughout the series, it has been implied that her father is actually supposed to be perceived as famous Billy Gibbons, and many references to ZZ Top’s music have been made in episodes featuring him.
  7. In one episode, Angela uses the wrong term and refers to a python as being an “Articulated Python” when she should have known to say “Reticulated Python.”bones-image
  8. Patricia Belcher, who plays Caroline Julian on the show, is the only guest star to appear once in every season.
  9. Throughout the series, the character of Agent Booth is said to be a direct decedent of John Wilkes Booth. In reality, this would be impossible considering John never had any children. While he had some sisters with sons, they all had different surnames. Also, “direct decedent” would imply he was directly related to a son or daughter of John as opposed to a niece or nephew.
  10. In one episode where the lab was dealing with a victim exactly like Brennan would have been said to weight twenty pounds less. When Emily Deschanel (who plays Brennan) read the script, she called the producers and told them to raise the weight to a more realistic number.
  11. Emily’s real-life sister appeared on one episode of Bones as her character’s second cousin, Margaret from Wisconsin.
  12. To film National Lampoons Vacation, John Francis Daily needed to take some time off from the show. At the beginning of season ten, since there was no rational way to explain his time away from the show, the producers decided to kill him off.
  13. Throughout the first season, the lights on Booth’s FBI Tahoe are facing the inside of the vehicle. Not only would this prevent them from flashing correctly, it would likely blind the occupants of the car.

Bones is still going strong after seven years on air, and even with some goofs along the way, the comedy crime drama has become a staple for many people’s television routines. While the seventh season is still going, fans are already hoping for another, and it looks like they might get their wish.


Bones has held its ratings high since the beginning, and with a strong cast of regular, recurring, and guest stars on board for every season, there’s little doubt that the show will be going anywhere anytime soon. Bones is perhaps one of the most interesting and intriguing shows on air, and it’s clear that both fans and critics agree: Bones is a show worth watching.bones-image2

The series has repeatedly earned new viewers of all ages from across the country, and with ratings high and the actors still going strong, there’s a good chance Bones will be making yet another come back. With 7 wins and nearly 30 nominations over the years, fans have no hesitations when it comes to their enjoyment of the series. And, even critics agree, the show is worth watching! The writers still seem to have a lot of stories to tell, and it looks like the characters are staying on board for a bit longer, too.  Click new high tech TV system to find out about an exciting way to watch this and other interesting television programs.