What DIRECTV Means for Consumers


Television entertainment is slowly becoming a misnomer today. A television set in the living room that used to be an entertainment central no longer enjoys that position. Entertainment has now become decentralized with a variety of services offering consumers the convenience of consuming their entertainment across a variety of screens.

The advent of digital platforms, and with them the digital entertainment services, is what is fueling this paradigm shift. This has also increased the pressure on Pay TV service providers to come out with their A-game.

They have to constantly innovate in order to satisfy today’s TV viewers. They have had to completely transform their packages and even their content delivery model in order to keep their consumers interested in their services and pay for them. Why? Because customers are jumping ship!

They are choosing to pay the streaming services a small subscription fee instead of going for the expensive pay TV services. It is getting more difficult for these pay TV services to grow organically at a steady pace.

The $49 billion acquisition of DIRECTV by AT&T is very much a part of this ongoing quest to gain more customers. For the end consumers, this means that they will have access to all of the entertainment DIRECTV has to offer. There a lot of plans to choose from. Some even include a home internet connection, and phone connection.

The idea is to give the users highly customized entertainment and communication services that are perfectly suited for their unique needs. DIRECTV has always been ranked high on customer satisfaction among the TV service providers. Across the surveys, DIRECTV tops when it comes to the service offerings and the incredible customer support it is able to offer its clients.

Add to it the technical prowess of AT&T, and you get a formidable combination. In fact, after the acquisition, AT&T has revived its unlimited data plan that can be enjoyed by both the U-verse subscribers, as well as the DIRECTV customers.

The multi-billion dollar deal between AT&T and DIRECTV not only promises AT&T the huge customer base of DIRECTV, but also a lot of money savings too. How? Well, the company no longer has to send their employees physically to a customer’s residence for any kind of cable installation or equipment set up.


Once an individual has subscribed to DIRECTV, all they have to do is download the DIRECTV Now app and start enjoying their favorite shows. With this reduced cost, DIRECTV is also placed in a better position to offer more entertainment options to its consumers for a lower price. It is a win-win for both customers and service providers.

When you subscribe to a DIRECTV connection, it is not just your entertainment needs that are fulfilled. You can also get phone services and an internet connection in one big subsidized plan. With such a plan, consumers only have to take care of a single bill to pay for all of their entertainment and communication needs.

The phone connection offers free calls across the country and a lot of add-on features. AT&T is already a top internet service provider and offers high speed internet services. Together, in a bundle, all the three services form an unbeatable combination. A typical problem with bundled services is that customers do not get to customize the individual services. But, AT&T has taken care of that. If you want better internet speeds than what you are offered in the bundle, then you can get higher speeds with an extra top up.

The top ups mean that you do not have to browse through hundreds of plans to find the one that you want. You can just pick a pack that offers the services that you need and then customize it with top ups. This is a super-convenient way to pick a plan.

In fact, AT&T has also confirmed that they are working towards making their pricing structure simple to understand. Why? Because customers want that. And that pretty much sums up where the whole TV service provider industry is going right now.

The TV entertainment industry has become highly competitive over the past decade. With so many choices in front of them, consumers wield the power in this industry. Responding to the consumer demand is not a matter of choice anymore. AT&T is doing the same via DIRECTV.

It is offering them the convenience of watching their favorite programming anywhere, and with the flexibility of watching it anytime. The design of their plans and the pricing structure screams the same. Providing good Customer support has never been a problem with DIRECTV, and AT&T is keeping the good habit alive.


Streaming services top 2016

Compare the Top TV Streaming Services 2016

A number of TV and video streaming services have already made their mark in the market. As a consumer, you are spoiled for choice and 2016 is only going to be a better year. The streaming services will come up with more features and benefits to woo you. Your choice of streaming service should depend on your specific entertainment needs. Here is everything that you need to know about the major streaming services.



netflix streaming preview

This is one of the most popular streaming services that also happens to be one of the pioneers in the streaming industry. At a subscription fee of just $9 per month, you can have access to a huge library of movies and television shows. This is a great place to search for everything from the latest shows to old movie titles. So, if you are a movie buff, this is the service for you. With Netflix, you will never be disappointed. Moreover, based on your choice, the sophisticated recommendation system of Netflix will suggest more titles for you.

Apart from the sourced content, Netflix has produced some original shows as well. These include the likes of House of Cards, Bloodline, Orange is the New Black, and so on. These shows are exclusively available on Netflix.


Hulu Plus

Triumph Election Special 2016 only on hulu

This service is designed for those who love to be abreast with the TV shows as they come. Hulu Plus is a premium version of the free streaming service, Hulu. At a subscription fee of only $7.99, this is definitely the cheapest of all the premium streaming services in the market. Hulu Plus is a great place for keeping track of all your favorite shows that are being aired on the cable. Though the TV show lineup at Hulu Plus is pretty impressive, the same is not true for the selection of movies in its library.

One more important factor to consider before subscribing to Hulu Plus is that there are a lot of intermittent ads and they are quite frequent. You cannot escape them even in the premium version.


Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon prime instant video

This one is from the house of Amazon. Only within a few years of its inception, Amazon Prime Instant Video has expanded its library manifold. When Amazon Prime Instant Video was introduced, it came with only an annual subscription. This option is still there and costs $99 a year. There were a lot of benefits offered with it for subscribers like free Kindle books, free 2-day shipping, and access to Amazon Music, and Amazon Prime Video. Only recently, Amazon has also added a monthly package of $10.99.

Amazon Prime Instant Video offers a lot of content thanks to its deals with Viacom, Warner Bros., and so on. There is a lot of original programming to tap into as well. The shows released on Amazon Prime include Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent, and so on. The latest movie library can be accessed by subscribing to Amazon Instant Video separately. Though Amazon Prime Instant Video may be a little pricier, but with an Amazon service promise and so many benefits, it is quite a good deal.


Sling TV

Sling TV 2016

Sling TV can be viewed as a complete alternative to cable television. For long, the Achilles Heel of streaming services has been the fact that the content on them is never made available at the same time as it is on cable. Enter Sling TV. Sling TV can be viewed as a full feature streaming service with the perks of a cable connection. With a subscription fee of $20 a month, you get access to more than 23 live channels, and you can access even more by buying separate packages.

The one important factor that differentiates Sling TV from other streaming services is that it offers its users access to sports channels, ESPN and ESPN 2, along with other local sports channels. This is a first for any streaming service. Now, sports fans can also think of cutting the cord.


PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue High Quality streaming

If you are still looking for a streaming service that offers services even more similar to a cable service, then Sony’s PlayStation Vue is the answer.

Before you tread any further, be informed that PlayStation Vue offers its services bundled as three packages – Access, Core and Elite. The most basic package (Access) will cost you a hefty $50 per month. Yes, you heard it right. This is the most expensive streaming service yet and the prices are almost similar to cable TV. The three packages cover a lot of content, including movies, music, news, weather, and most importantly, sports. The basic package itself offers more than 50 channels to its users.

Also, this service is not available across all devices. Vue can only be accessed through Sony smart TVs, PlayStation, and iPads.



Crackle streaming

This platform was acquired by Sony in the late 2000s. The platform updates movies and TV shows on a fairly regular basis. There is a bunch of original programming as well, but nothing noteworthy. In fact, none of the content is exceptional, but you can find enough content to keep you entertained. You may find some of the shows really amusing and there is a wide variety of videos to choose from. This online streaming service is free to all, but you will have to sit through a lot of commercials. But, that is something expected of free programming. It can be accessed across devices.



youtube streaming channel

This is another free video streaming service, but with much better content quality and variety. The content here is divided among channels that are run by content creators. There are videos about everything you can imagine, from tutorials to standup comedy shows. Owned by Google, YouTube is a huge name in online streaming.

YouTube will run on most of the devices and it is super easy to navigate. You should bear in mind that this is not necessarily the best place to find a television show or a movie, but a great one for watching videos, in general. A premium version of YouTube is also available, where you can buy and rent movies. The charges vary, but the upper limit is $19.99. 


Just click here for more information about the Best Online TV Streaming sites.

Scenes From the Comics Too Graphic For AMC’S The Walking Dead


AMC’s The Walking Dead has definitely pushed the boundaries when it comes to acceptable levels of violence on television; it seems that every week the show pushes the envelope by showing more graphic and disturbing violence than ever before. And while many TV viewers are often surprised by what The Walking Dead is allowed to show on TV, there are some limits. The original comic book series is even more violent than the TV show, likely because the comic book industry is not subject to the same regulations as television shows; consequently there are many violent scenes from the comics that are so graphic that they most definitely won’t be included in the AMC TV series.daryl-dixon-image

The failed suicide pact
In the original comic series, Tyreese was traveling with his daughter Julie and her boyfriend, Chris, when he joined up with Rick’s group. Julie and Chris decided to pledge themselves to a suicide pact in order to escape the horror of the world, but their suicide pact went wrong–very wrong–and Tyreese and Rick were forced to deal with the unpleasant aftermath. The teenagers were supposed to kill each other with a gunshot at the same time, but Chris accidentally shot too soon, killing Julie before she could kill him. Not only did Tyreese rush to the scene to find his daughter dead and bleeding, he decided to turn the tables on Chris; Tyreese strangled Chris with his bare hands, killing him brutally in front of Rick.

Carol’s suicide
This scene will never happen not just because of the intense violent content, but because of the radical difference between comic book Carol and the TV show version of Carol. In the comic book, Carol never developed the physical abilities or practical personality of the Carol we have come to love in the TV show—instead, comic Carol was obsessed with relationships, terrified of being alone, and so desperate to ‘belong’ in a relationship that she even once proposed the idea of entering into a polyamorous relationship with Rick and Lori. The couple rejected and Carol, who had grown tired of constantly being rejected and ignored, made her way to a chained up zombie in the prison courtyard. Ignoring the calls of the group behind her, Carol stepped within the zombie’s range and let herself be bitten to death.



Surprising Facts about “Einstein” from the Back to the Future Series

If you ask a dog lover about Back to the Future, they’re sure to mention Doc Brown’s loveable dog, Einstein. Einstein actually plays a significant role in the Back to the Future films, since he was technically the first known time traveler in the world—it is Einstein who Marty and Doc Brown watch go back in time and return, unharmed, prompting Doc Brown to believe that sending people back in time was now safe as well. If you’re a fan of Back to the Future, movie dogs, or even just movie trivia, read on for some interesting and surprising facts about “Einstein” from the Back to the Future series.

Einstein was played by two different dogs

In the first Back to the Future film, Einstein was played by a dog named Tiger, who had been trained by Hollywood animal trainer Richard Calkins. However, when it came time for the character to appear in Back to the Future 2 and back to the Future 3, Calkins found that Einstein had simply grown too old to handle the rigors of filming a movie. He brought in younger dog that resembled Einstein called Freddie, to play the role instead. Freddie played Einstein for both Back to the Future 2 and 3.

Einstein-image Nobody knows what breed Einstein is

The exact breed of Einstein is unknown, and trainer Richard Calkins has never revealed Freddie or Tiger’s exact breed. Some fans think that he may be a Berger Picard, or a Briard with uncropped ears; other suggestions include some type of sheepdog or even simply a mixed-breed dog.

Einstein becomes a major character in the cartoon

In the animated series based on Back to the Future, Einstein goes from helpful sidekick to a major character. However, the animated version of Einstein doesn’t resemble his film counterpart. In addition to the aesthetic change, Einstein is noticeably smart in the animated series, and even helps out Doc Brown with his many inventions. However, Einstein doesn’t actually talk in the cartoon.

Einstein was voiced by Danny Mann in the animated series

In the animated series, actor Danny Mann provided the vocal performance for Einstein. Mann is well known for his voice acting work, which has included other animal characters such as Percy the dog in Disney’s Pocahontas, two roles in the Land Before Time film series, and Strongheart in Lady Lovely Locks.


What The Tomorrow People Should Fix For Season 2

The CW has not yet released information about the potential for a second season (or beyond) renewal of The Tomorrow People  The show is typically considered to be on the fence—namely due to the fact that its ratings have dipped since its outstanding series premiere, and it has also received mixed reviews from critics although generally positive reviews from audiences/viewers. However, nothing is set in stone; even if the show does not see a significant increase in ratings, the CW may decide to invest another season in the show, especially if the show’s fan base continues to grow as it has been since the series began airing.




If The Tomorrow People does make it to a second season, there are some things that should—and can—be changed in order to make the show better. “Better” is subjective, of course, but in this case “better” means something that audiences and critics alike will enjoy watching and become invested in.


Too Many Flashbacks


The show unfortunately suffers from a serious case of flashback-itis. There are simply too many flashbacks for too many characters and too many subplots. Just when you think you’re finally going to stick in the present for a while—there’s another flashback! Flashbacks are not necessarily a bad device; they can give viewers more insight into the characters and the situation. But flashbacks should be used sparingly to enhance a situation—not constantly or for half an episode. If the show does want to do longer flashbacks, it might serve the writing (and the audience) better to dedicate an entire episode to backstory rather than continue with flashbacks that outstay their welcome.



Make the Stakes Higher


The show has plenty of action, but sometimes it feels like the show has more bark than bite. Part of the success of shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones is the fact that main characters are not immune from death or injury or other serious incidents that could impact their character. In The Tomorrow People, the main cast is virtually untouchable—there is never a moment where the audience feels like the main character might really die or suffer, because it seems obvious that if someone is going to die, it will only happen in a “pivotal” episode like a season finale. The show might want to take a page from The Walking Dead and treat its characters realistically—sometimes, characters, even main characters, have to suffer for the story to move forward.


More Character Development


Speaking of suffering characters—the show definitely needs to let its characters engage in more human drama. As it stands, the audience does not know or care enough about the characters to make their stories or potential deaths interesting or significant. Allowing the characters to express their humanity, without forcing in a subplot about Stephen’s double spying, would give the audience a chance to connect with the characters. And when the audience connects with the characters? They care about them, too. Jump over here to sign up for Comcast and see all the future episodes of the TV series.

Person of Interest TV Series

personofinterestMost of the viewing public can understand the appeal of a police procedural show.  The drama with fighting crime, the action/adventure involved with the profession, the touching human side to both crime and law enforcement; I don’t think there is any wonder why we keep seeing so many of these shows on the air year after year.

Does it get stale?  I suppose it does sometimes, unless the makers of the show can find some way to inject something new and fresh into it, something we as an audience have seldom seen.  I’m happy to say I have found a great new show that does just that, it’s called Person of Interest, kind of a police/action/thriller hybrid and what I like to call 24 meets NYPD.

I have always been a big fan of Jim Caviezel, as his work in film and his acting ability is top notch all the way around.  Added with Michael Emerson from Lost, you’ve got a powerhouse duo as the series’ two leads.  With a supporting cast that only adds to the great acting week after week, this is a show that separates itself from the normal pack of police type shows.

Emerson stars as a reclusive billionaire Harold Finch, who has invented a machine capable of predicting when crimes are about to happen.  Using surveillance data to determine if someone is either going to commit murder or be the victim of murder, this machine enables him to try to step in and stop the crime.  He uses Caviezel’s character John Reese to go in and take care of business and kick some you know what.person-of-interest-image

As a former special operative and master of both hand to hand combat and weapons, Reese can handle anything on the physical side while Finch keeps tabs on the equipment and information gathering.  They are a good team and it this yin and yang and teamwork that adds to the appeal of this well made show.

You never know what exactly each episode will be about, who will be the killer since the machine doesn’t work that way and this surprise is what keeps you watching.  The excitement makes this great TV entertainment. This show is one of my favorite television programs.person-of-interest-image2

No Vogue Cover For Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Vogue Cover Axed

Miley Cyrus Vogue Cover Axed

According to the gossip mill, Miley Cyrus was scheduled for a December 2013 cover of Vogue but that was nixed, supposedly because of her now-infamous performance on the VMAs. According to daily gossip columns, it was said that Anna Wintour was so shocked by the performance that she actually killed the idea while destroying the photos that had been prepared for the December edition. While critics of the performance have gleefully touted this as a consequence of against Cyrus for her audacity on stage, it would appear that the story is more fabrication than truth.

After some fact-checking, it has been discovered that there was never a solid decision made for who would appear on Vogue’s December 2013 cover. And, while it does appear that Vogue will not feature Miley Cyrus as its cover for that month, no one from the magazine has stated definitively that it will not carry her in months prior to or after December. It has also not been stated that the decision against the Cyrus cover was based on the VMA performance.miley-cirus-image

Even if she doesn’t grace the cover of Vogue, Miley Cyrus has already been featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar so she probably isn’t even missing it. Harper’s Bizarre has already featured the notoriously diverse fashionista in complete couture, rubbing against the grain of her normally white-trash (Miley’s words) persona. With the infamous VMA performance disappearing into the background, there are sure to be other covers offered to Miley in her future. With so many options, Vogue may be hard to miss.

So, for whatever reason the cover was scrapped for December, 2013, Miley isnít hurting. With her media-friendly attitude, Cyrus won’t be disappearing into oblivion anytime soon. With all the attention this last report has garnered, Miley is still getting the attention any young performer wants.miley-cirus-image2

Dish Network Satellite TV Deals Will Surprise You

Dish Network Satellite TV features a wide variety of entertainment including movies, shows, children’s programming, and sports for your viewing pleasure. Click https://www.cannonsatellitetv.com and find out  how Dishnetwork saves you money by offering much more for much less.

Dish TV offers more than two hundred English-based channels along with sports and movie premiums, additional highlights such as Pay Per View, and On Demand. Dish presents instant viewing from over 15,000 available titles via the On Demand menu. Alternatively, you may watch exciting UFC fights from all over the world. Plan a cozy family night at home while watching Blockbuster@Home. They readily offer shows, movies, or even deliver games and DVDs right to your doorstep.


Dish Anywhere is a remote access service powered by Dish where you may choose to view your latest movie releases from the comfort of your own home using On Demand, or while on a break at work. You can easily watch all your favorite programs anywhere you wish since Dish Anywhere allows remote access to all your preferred On Demand choices, your Blockbuster@Home package, TV channels and much more.

The Hopper will change the way you watch TV

Another feature of the Dish Network is the ability to use up to four different TVs within your home to access your favorite programs using an innovative set-top box called the Hopper. The Hopper is an HD-DVR system that will literally change the way you watch television forever.

Some helpful features regarding the Hopper include:

– Lets you skip annoying commercials
– Assists you in locating your misplaced remote control
– Records primetime programming automatically
– Contains enough storage for 2,000 standard definition hours or nearly 250 HD programming


The Hopper’s capacity for storage goes way beyond what any one person in the home will ever need in order to record and conveniently store their programs. Other benefits of the Hopper include relaxing in your living room while monitoring what programs your children are watching on their TVs and having sports scores presented to you without having to channel surf.

Dish Network TV is an incomparable service that employs an exceptional tool like the Hopper. DISH Satellite TV also recommends bundling your services so you may enjoy the extra savings and discounts.

Time Warner Cable Deals in NYC Are Simply The Best

Have you heard about the current Time Warner Cable Deals in New York City? When you have to settle for less than you want, due to a pricing conflict with your monthly budget, it can get frustrating. There’s no end to the types of entertainment that are out there, and there is a specific entertainment that can meet your specific tastes, but where do you find it, affordably? You need the right service, for the right price.

When considering a home entertainment provider, look at Time Warner Cable in New York City. This service provider is the provider of choice for millions of homes, with services that can cater to individual needs in any household- at an affordable rate.

Time Warner Cable TV has all the amenities for a complete home entertainment package. These amenities includes free HD channels, free Parental Controls, your choice of a DVR or HD-DVR, International programming, sports and movie premiums, Premiums On Demand services and a large selection of new movie releases. Time Warner Cable TV Packages in NYC can take you from the classics to the newest, hippest movies, music, children’s programming and more, all with the touch of a button.

Time Warner Cable TV in New York, NY offers the newest television programming, with the best available technology, all for a family-friendly price.

Time Warner Cable New York awarded Above and Beyond and Pro Patria awards from the Department of Defense

Awesome Broadband Internet
The World Wide Web has grown in capability and entertainment value by leaps and bounds. Now, you can get internet on your mobile device, phone, laptop or other compatible hand-held. The WiFi Time Warner Cable Internet can be used to stream programming, music and video, or upload your pictures and home videos for online storage.

Time Warner Cable Internet in NYC offers up to 50 Mbps for one of the fastest internet experiences you have ever had. With Time Warner Cable Internet WiFi, you can have a ridiculously fast internet, with home networking capability.

Has the internet grown faster than your tech-savvy? Time Warner Cable Internet offers a service that is compatible with all skill levels. This service is always on, always fast and always protected by the free security software and Parental Controls that come with this service.

Quality Versus Cost
Simplified home phone solutions can be the answer to the battle between effective quality and affordable services.

Simplified solutions through Time Warner Cable Home Phone services include unlimited calling to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. This service comes at a single monthly rate for all of your local and long distance calling. This rate includes calling features, so you don’t pay extra for extra.

Time Warner Cable Home Phone services in New York City can even give you home access for overseas calls at affordable rates. Quality meets affordable cost.

Adam Mayer of Time Warner Cable NYC

Economic Solutions
When your budget is stretched and your craving for home entertainment is strong, you have to find a way to meet your needs and your budget.

Time Warner Cable in NYC supplies the craving with quality services, and the budgetary needs with a Bundled Service package. Bundle all of these services into one monthly bill and pay one monthly price. Bundles discount your monthly services, so you pay less to get more.

Charter Cable Promotions Get Better and Better!

Satisfy your craving for excitement, entertainment, and your thirst for knowledge and connection in the new global world we live in when you switch to Charter Cable Deals.  This is the best offer from any cable company and you can mix and match three different services including Charter Internet, Charter Phone Unlimited, and Charter TV in Digital.  Packed with cutting edge technology, Charter’s services are guaranteed to put you ahead of the technology curve and in control over your schedule and ability to take time to relax or get stuff done!  The choice is yours with Charter Cable Package Deals.

Charter Internet is available at three different speeds.  It does not make sense to force only the most intense internet package onto every customer because every household is different.  If you only want extremely fast surfing abilities or have basic downloading needs then Charter Internet Lite or Express will be for your household.

Charter Internet Plus, Max, and Ultra are incrementally more effective internet resources, each with more ability than the last.  All of these come with Charter’s famous PowerBoost feature that adds more broadband than you will know what to do with.  This guarantees lightning quick downloading that rivals even the fastest DSL and Satellite connections!  Discovering, uploading, and enjoying interests and mediums of media and entertainment have never been so easy than with Charter Internet.

Packed with the latest features at no cost to you enjoy a bundle of personal email accounts with gigabytes of storage each to unclog your currently loaded account.  Parental controls will enforce your parenting rules without your kids noticing 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Security for your children is important as well as for your personal information and computer.  Because more individuals are threatened by identity theft, fraud, and viruses on a daily basis than ever before, Charter Internet comes with the popular Charter Security Suite included for no additional fees!  Jam-packed with the best virus protections, firewalls, and security from theft online you can finally get your online banking, shopping, and downloading done without the usual threats that used to be an unavoidable part of the internet experience.

If you enjoy acting freely according to your own schedule then you will be infatuated with Charter TV in HD with DVR.  Charter Cable TV has included more abilities for television personalization than ever before so that now the scheduling problems of the past are irrelevant.

Guides are sometimes difficult, but using Charter TV’s onscreen guide will feel as natural as breathing with the ability to pick out specific television shows and programs and go to them instantly or browse through exactly what you are in the mood for to find a variety of exciting selections without the typical wait time!

Included free are On Demand and Pay-Per-View which are two of the most popular programming features to ever accompany television.  These have thousands of free selections of movies and shows watchable instantly with the click of a button so that you can bring a date home for a movie or watch on a whim and enjoy ideal selections every time!

Bringing total control to the holder of the remote, the freely included DVR is perfect for catching those network shows you want to view but could not before because of other obligations. Pre-record anything you want and store it, in HD and digital quality, to view whenever you wish! Pause, stop, fast forward, rewind, and create instant replays as well with the DVR, a superior resource for mastering your personal television schedule.

The many calling features that come with Charter Phone In-State are helpful too for mastering your calling schedule.  When you do not want to miss a call have it forwarded to any phone number, including your cellphone, using internet technology with call forwarding select. You can enjoy blocking calls with call screening and call block as well as see who may be phoning you to determine if it is worth a chat or not with caller ID throughout the house!

Calling plans made easy, Charter Phone comes with unlimited calling in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.  Your kids will love the ability to chat to their friends without their parents getting frustrated with a massive phone bill and you can start reconnecting with family and friends without stressing yourself out over additional calling costs!

Keep your old phone number in order to save the hassle of phoning everybody you know and every organization you have registered your number with to tell them about the change.  Easier and more affordable, Charter’s services are ideal for every household from small to large.  Order your Charter services online for a communication and entertainment boost in your household!

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