Television entertainment is slowly becoming a misnomer today. A television set in the living room that used to be an entertainment central no longer enjoys that position. Entertainment has now become decentralized with a variety of services offering consumers the convenience of consuming their entertainment across a variety of screens.

The advent of digital platforms, and with them the digital entertainment services, is what is fueling this paradigm shift. This has also increased the pressure on Pay TV service providers to come out with their A-game.

They have to constantly innovate in order to satisfy today’s TV viewers. They have had to completely transform their packages and even their content delivery model in order to keep their consumers interested in their services and pay for them. Why? Because customers are jumping ship!

They are choosing to pay the streaming services a small subscription fee instead of going for the expensive pay TV services. It is getting more difficult for these pay TV services to grow organically at a steady pace.

The $49 billion acquisition of DIRECTV by AT&T is very much a part of this ongoing quest to gain more customers. For the end consumers, this means that they will have access to all of the entertainment DIRECTV has to offer. There a lot of plans to choose from. Some even include a home internet connection, and phone connection.

The idea is to give the users highly customized entertainment and communication services that are perfectly suited for their unique needs. DIRECTV has always been ranked high on customer satisfaction among the TV service providers. Across the surveys, DIRECTV tops when it comes to the service offerings and the incredible customer support it is able to offer its clients.

Add to it the technical prowess of AT&T, and you get a formidable combination. In fact, after the acquisition, AT&T has revived its unlimited data plan that can be enjoyed by both the U-verse subscribers, as well as the DIRECTV customers.

The multi-billion dollar deal between AT&T and DIRECTV not only promises AT&T the huge customer base of DIRECTV, but also a lot of money savings too. How? Well, the company no longer has to send their employees physically to a customer’s residence for any kind of cable installation or equipment set up.


Once an individual has subscribed to DIRECTV, all they have to do is download the DIRECTV Now app and start enjoying their favorite shows. With this reduced cost, DIRECTV is also placed in a better position to offer more entertainment options to its consumers for a lower price. It is a win-win for both customers and service providers.

When you subscribe to a DIRECTV connection, it is not just your entertainment needs that are fulfilled. You can also get phone services and an internet connection in one big subsidized plan. With such a plan, consumers only have to take care of a single bill to pay for all of their entertainment and communication needs.

The phone connection offers free calls across the country and a lot of add-on features. AT&T is already a top internet service provider and offers high speed internet services. Together, in a bundle, all the three services form an unbeatable combination. A typical problem with bundled services is that customers do not get to customize the individual services. But, AT&T has taken care of that. If you want better internet speeds than what you are offered in the bundle, then you can get higher speeds with an extra top up.

The top ups mean that you do not have to browse through hundreds of plans to find the one that you want. You can just pick a pack that offers the services that you need and then customize it with top ups. This is a super-convenient way to pick a plan.

In fact, AT&T has also confirmed that they are working towards making their pricing structure simple to understand. Why? Because customers want that. And that pretty much sums up where the whole TV service provider industry is going right now.

The TV entertainment industry has become highly competitive over the past decade. With so many choices in front of them, consumers wield the power in this industry. Responding to the consumer demand is not a matter of choice anymore. AT&T is doing the same via DIRECTV.

It is offering them the convenience of watching their favorite programming anywhere, and with the flexibility of watching it anytime. The design of their plans and the pricing structure screams the same. Providing good Customer support has never been a problem with DIRECTV, and AT&T is keeping the good habit alive.