AMC’s The Walking Dead has definitely pushed the boundaries when it comes to acceptable levels of violence on television; it seems that every week the show pushes the envelope by showing more graphic and disturbing violence than ever before. And while many TV viewers are often surprised by what The Walking Dead is allowed to show on TV, there are some limits. The original comic book series is even more violent than the TV show, likely because the comic book industry is not subject to the same regulations as television shows; consequently there are many violent scenes from the comics that are so graphic that they most definitely won’t be included in the AMC TV series.daryl-dixon-image

The failed suicide pact
In the original comic series, Tyreese was traveling with his daughter Julie and her boyfriend, Chris, when he joined up with Rick’s group. Julie and Chris decided to pledge themselves to a suicide pact in order to escape the horror of the world, but their suicide pact went wrong–very wrong–and Tyreese and Rick were forced to deal with the unpleasant aftermath. The teenagers were supposed to kill each other with a gunshot at the same time, but Chris accidentally shot too soon, killing Julie before she could kill him. Not only did Tyreese rush to the scene to find his daughter dead and bleeding, he decided to turn the tables on Chris; Tyreese strangled Chris with his bare hands, killing him brutally in front of Rick.

Carol’s suicide
This scene will never happen not just because of the intense violent content, but because of the radical difference between comic book Carol and the TV show version of Carol. In the comic book, Carol never developed the physical abilities or practical personality of the Carol we have come to love in the TV show—instead, comic Carol was obsessed with relationships, terrified of being alone, and so desperate to ‘belong’ in a relationship that she even once proposed the idea of entering into a polyamorous relationship with Rick and Lori. The couple rejected and Carol, who had grown tired of constantly being rejected and ignored, made her way to a chained up zombie in the prison courtyard. Ignoring the calls of the group behind her, Carol stepped within the zombie’s range and let herself be bitten to death.